Eiji Yuzawa 湯沢 英治[-BAROCOC- ダチョウ 大腿骨 Ostrich Femur]

Eiji Yuzawa 湯沢 英治[-BAROCOC- ダチョウ 大腿骨 Ostrich Femur]

Detail 作品詳細

Title:[-BAROCOC- ダチョウ 大腿骨 Ostrich Femur]

Designs that spring spontaneously from nature are made up of an arrangement of distorted straight and curved lines that we human beings could never dream of.
The etymology of “baroque” goes back to the Portuguese word “barroco,” which signify “a rough or imperfect pearl.” The shape of this kind of pearl is quite unique. The “Baroque” as an art form began and flourished in Italy at the end of the sixteenth century then developed in much of continental Europe, such as Spain and Holland, in the 17th and early 18th centuries.
This art form, with its complex movements, curvatures and heavy decoration, can carry the meaning of “irregular, idiosyncratic, uneven,” using these forms to give rise to dramatic effects.
I am often asked why I chose “bones” as a photographic subject.
My answer is this. By casting light onto their peculiar, natural shapes, I continually discover a new aesthetics of sculpture. This, too, can be called baroque.
Light and dark manifest themselves and bring before our eyes unknown worlds that should not exist.
By becoming photographs, these bones are no longer bones.


Eiji Yuzawa 湯沢英治


Eiji Yuzawa
Born in 1966 in Kanagawa, Japan. His photographic techniques are self-taught. In 2006 he started to take photographs of animal bone specimens, and in 2008, he published his first photographic book BONES (Hayakawa Publishing Corporation) with a veterinarian Akinori Azumano. This book was praised from both artists and biologists and received high appreciations from many newspapers and magazines. In March 2009,he held an exhibition titled “BONES – Eiji Yuzawa Photographs” at the Logos Gallery in Shibuya, Tokyo. In May 2009,his works were introduced at an exhibition titled “bones” which was directed by Shunji Yamanaka, at 21_21 DESIGN SIGHT in Roppongi, Tokyo. In 2011 He published another photographic book “BAROCCO” (Shinchosha).

2013 Complete edition of “REAL BONES: Skeletal and Functional Beauty” (Hayakawa Shobo) published.
In 2021, the Chinese edition of “Skeletal Beauty” will be published by Hou Nami Publishing Co.
In 2019, he is in charge of photography for the advertisement and catalogue of the National Museum of Nature and Science “Dinosaur Expo 2019 THE DINOSAUR EXPO 2019” (NHK and Asahi Shimbun).


表現の一環として 2006年より動物の骨格標本の撮影を始め、2008年には初の写真集となる『BONES 動物の骨格と機能美』(早川書房刊)を出版。これがアートと生物学双方の観点から話題となって多くの新聞・雑誌で高い評価を得、2009年3月には渋谷ロゴズ・ギャラリー (東京) にて「湯沢英治写真展 BONES」を開催。2009年5月には財団法人三宅一生デザイン文化財団 21_21 DESIGN SIGHT 第5回 企画展 山中俊治ディレクション「骨」に参加。2011年には『BAROCCO 骨の造形美』(新潮社)を出版。

2013年 完全版「REAL BONES 骨格と機能美」(早川書房)を刊行。
2021年には、中国版「骨骼之美」(后浪出版公司 | 北京联合出版公司)を刊行。
2019年国立科学博物館 「恐竜博2019 THE DINOSAUR EXPO 2019」(NHK・朝日新聞社)の広告、図録の撮影を担当している。

The main exhibit

1991 “Fragment” exhibition at Gee Gallery, Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan

1997 “Long Blink” exhibition at PITT / Photos in the town TOMORROW LAND Harajuku / Harajuku, Tokyo, Japan

2009 “BONES”exhibition at Logos Gallery, PARCO, Shibuya, Tokyo

Issey Miyake Foundation for Design and Culture 21_21DESIGN SIGHT 5th Exhibition
Participated in Shunji Yamanaka Direction “Bone” / Roppongi, Tokyo, Japan

2011 “BAROCCO” Ricoh Photo Space RING CUBE / Ginza, Tokyo

“GRist12” hpgrp GALLERY NEW YORK / New York, USA

hoto exhibition and slide show “BAROCCO” at the 3rd Yebisu Festival for Art & Alternative Visions, Regional Collaboration Program, TRAUMARIS SPACE / Ebisu, Tokyo, Japan

2013 “REAL BONES G” Exhibition at Art Gallery M84 / Ginza, Tokyo, Japan

2014 Participated in the exhibition “y-Generation IV” Seibu Shibuya Art Gallery / Shibuya, Tokyo
“REAL BONES G2” Exhibition at 72Gallery / Ginza, Tokyo, Japan

“REAL BONES S” Exhibition at tokyoarts gallery / Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan

“REAL BONES N” Exhibition at PI gallery / Nagoya, Aichi, Japan

“REAL BONES A” Exhibition at hpgrp GALLERY TOKYO / Aoyama, Tokyo, Japan

2017 “BAROCCO OSSA × ACQUA” Exhibition at HOLE IN THE WALL / Shibuya, Tokyo OLE IN THE WALL / Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan

2019 Participated in “BAROCCO × iiwii” “The 1st Exhibition in New York” One Art Space / New York, USA


1991年『Fragment 』展 渋谷 Gee Gallery / 東京・渋谷
1997年『長い瞬き Long Blink』展 PITT / Photos in the town TOMORROW LAND原宿店 / 東京・原宿
2009年『BONES』PARCOロゴス・ギャラリー / 東京・渋谷
財団法人三宅一生デザイン文化財団21_21DESIGN SIGHT 第5回企画展
山中俊治デレクション「骨」に参加 / 東京・六本木
2011年『BAROCCO』リコーフォトスペース RING CUBE / 東京・銀座
『GRist12』hpgrp GALLERY NEW YORK / 米国・ニュ—ヨ—ク
『BAROCCO』展 第3回恵比寿映像祭 地域連携プログラム 写真展+スライドショー
TRAUMARIS SPACEにて開催 / 東京・恵比寿
2013年『REAL BONES G』Art Gallery M84 / 東京・銀座
2014年『y-Generation Ⅳ』西武渋谷店美術画廊 / 東京・渋谷
『REAL BONES G2』72Gallery / 東京・銀座
『REAL BONES S』tokyoarts gallery / 東京・渋谷
『REAL BONES N』PI gallery / 愛知・名古屋
2019年『BAROCCO × iiwii 』「The 1st Exhibition in New York」One Art Space / 米国・ニューヨーク


2008 Published “Bones: The Skeleton and Functional Beauty of Animals” (Hayakawa Shobo)

Collaboration with Masayoshi Nakajo for Shiseido’s “Yomu HanaTsubaki” No.702 (SILHOUETTE)

2011 Published “BAROCCO: The Beauty of Bone Form” (Shinchosha)

2013 Published “REAL BONES Skeleton and Functional Beauty” (Hayakawa Shobo)

2019 National Museum of Nature and Science “Dinosaur Expo 2019 THE DINOSAUR EXPO 2019” advertisement, catalogue. (NHK, Asahi Shimbun)

2021 Chinese edition of “Real Bones” (Post Wave Publishing(Beijing) Co., Ltd. | Beijing Union Publishing Co., Ltd.)

出版 / 広告

2008年『BONES -動物の骨格と機能美』(早川書房)を刊行。
2011年『BAROCCO -Beauty of Bones 骨の造形美』(新潮社)
2013年『REAL BONES 骨格と機能美』(早川書房)を刊行。
2019年国立科学博物館 『恐竜博2019 THE DINOSAUR EXPO 2019』(NHK・朝日新聞社)
2021年『骨骼之美』 中国版(后浪出版公司 | 北京联合出版公司)を刊行。